Friday, May 09, 2008

A precursor to insomnia, probably

Sometimes, I really wish the world would just stop and let me catch up. All things considered, I'm sure I must be at least a few revolutions behind.

Or are there revolutions these days? All I seem to experience are blurs, between one thing and another. What happens in between, I'm not quite sure - I'd venture to suggest 'stuff', but that sounds overly specific. And I'm not even sure that anything does happen in between, since by the end of a blur I seem to find that all sorts of things have instead failed to happen and I'm wishing the world would just stop and let me catch up.

Damn. That must be what's happened again. That's usually what marks the end of a blur; and the beginning of the next.

Sometimes, though, it isn't suddenly noticing that the steady accretion of things gone un-done has become too large to be comfortably ignored (no matter how hard you try). Sometimes it's noticing that some potentially significant thing you actually have done (often inadvertently, since why would anyone do anything significant on purpose? You'd only be creating trouble for yourself) has reached un-ignorable levels of significance. I think that might have happened too.

A dual blur, then. The metaphysical equivalent of a double booking, minus anyone who might apologise.


I hate dual blurs.


Jen said...

What about when you are doing things severely lacking in significance - and this fact starts to have great significance. That is what I'm doing at the moment.

A trip to Falmouth is sure appealing at the moment!

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Yeah, that doesn't sound too good, either... and raises the possible spectre of triple blurs. Yikes.

Erm, if it's any consolation, you're only missing clouds and rain down here today, Jen... which possibly just means we'd all be even happier to see you :)