Monday, August 20, 2007

A little something about nothing much

While my calendar might still be telling me it's April, it seems August is now well underway. I suppose it had to happen eventually... As did a new blogpost.

Yet, what is there for me to witter about?

Much like August, this post has taken me rather by surprise. There I was, idly clicking refresh on various facebook pages, when suddenly I find myself here in blogger, a new post insisting it be written. Remaining obstinately blank and open, the post shakes its head and taps its feet impatiently at my claims to have nothing much to write about. Yet, surely, is that not the truth?


I mean, is there even a grain of interesting content so far? And for that matter, does interesting content ususally take the form of grains? Like instant coffee, say, or cup-a-soup.

[Sighs] Would that it were that easy: instant blogposts - just add water. You could try that, of course, but even if somehow you didn't electrocute yourself, it would still, no doubt, mean faffing around trying to find something to stand on to get at the fusebox and, whilst balancing increasingly precariously, attempting to flick the trip switch back to the 'on' postion without breaking any of the more important and painful bones of your body. Or the trip switch, for that matter. Unless your fusebox is somewhere sensible, of course. In which case, why not put on rubber soles, stand well back, and go for your life? So to speak.

Ahh, blogging about having nothing to blog about - has it come to this?


Yep. It most certainly has.


In other news:

BBC News website headline: France announces paedophile curbs

French children warned to be extra careful crossing the road.

I know, I know. But when I read it that was the first thing that came into my head.