Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bluebeard, and other sights from St Mawes

Bluebeard - St Mawes quay, 1/5/2008.

As I look at this, I like to imagine all the little boats hanging from the harbour wall, after someone's pulled out the plug... - St Mawes quay, 1/5/2008.

A polite (and precisely punctuated) warning - car park wall, St Mawes quay, 1/5/2008.

I had no idea hairdressers could be state registered. There's even a Hair Council, apparently - St Mawes, 1/5/2008.

Crouching photographer, hidden swastika - fencework outside a house on Marine Parade, St Mawes, 1/5/2008

St Maudit's well - off Bohella Road, St Mawes, 1/5/2008

My parents were in Falmouth last week, so I was forced to eat lots of nice food, stop for both morning and afternoon coffee almost every day, and wander around such places as St Mawes and the Eden Project. Somehow I survived to bring you this record of my torments.

Eden Project photos to follow, when they're all sorted and the right way up.


Anonymous said...

Torments? What torments?

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

I was being ironic :)

Hello, Mum.

Semaphore said...

Oh gosh, you and Patroclus are both such TAUNTY BASTARDS. In this gorgeous weather, St Mawes is EXACTLY where I want to be. Bah. It's been perfect sailing weather as well, today. Instead I'm stuck in bloody Cambridge wading through tourists on the few occasions I emerge from my books... BAH.

But hurrah, nonetheless, lucky old you, and thank you for the photos, it is nice to be able to live vicariously.

Semaphore said...

Ooh, ooh, I pressed OK before I'd actually finished. Re. the boats in the harbour after the plug's been pulled, I got a similar effect in Mousehole last summer:

(excuse the photobucket rubbish, I haven't got round to signing up to flickr yet...)

Taiga the Fox said...

What semaphore said.
[Well, not really. I'm stuck in bloody Helsinki. It's not even sunny today. I don't have to wade through the tourists. But anyway.]

WV: hawqwnd = Welsh Hawkwind

Taiga the Fox said...

Erm, I meant what Semaphore said earlier. I don't have photos of the boats in the harbour after the plug's been pulled.

Anonymous said...

Eden? A stone's throw. I'd 've fired up the 'La Pavoni' if I'd known.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Taiga: Nice word verification :)

No sun, and benches you can't sit on even when there is some... it's a hard life in the North...

Definitely be glad about the lack of tourists, though.

Semaphore: I remember that wading feeling well :) And the groups of exchange students that seemed to exist solely to congregate in the most inconvenient places possible, not even thinking to move out of the way when you stared at them meaningfully (although that might have been too essentially English a thing to do, now I think about it... actually asking them might have translated better).

Erm, your photobucket album seems to be set to private, btw. Or do I just need to be a photobucket member?

On sailing days, I suppose you could always stick a sail on a punt... but I guess that probably wouldn't feel quite the same really, would it?

Anonymousannthrope(?): That is you, isn't it?

Eden was sort of a last minute decision when we couldn't decide what to do on what looked like being (but wasn't) a rainy Sunday. Erm, sort of remember going near St Austell, now you mention it... but didn't quite realise Eden was basically right beside it. My mind must have been elsewhere... [Sigh] As usual.

Anonymous said...

Eeeek, you got me. :) St Austell (a bit like Beirut, but without the bombs) (Sorry, is that bad taste? I'm never sure) Nice views near the sea, though. I'll dust off my best china another time.

(That wistful mind sounds like it needs a holiday!)