Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gah! Bloody, BT!!

My internet connection died on Monday night. All my work has to be in by 5pm tomorrow (including a website). So, I've been stuck in a hot airless IT Suite all afternoon. I hate IT Suites. Is "suite" supposed to sound luxurious? Because it's bloody not. Still, I've got the website done now, and anything else I needed the internet for (I hope). Oh, erm, here's the website (at some point I'll figure out how to give it a proper home page, instead of a blog post).

Anyway, I was just dropping in to let off a little steam and say that I probably won't be posting for another few days. And, for once, I actually have an excuse.

Right, I'm off home to write two stupid 1000 word commentaries on my own stupid work, which just seems a stupid thing to be doing. But anyway...

Friday, January 12, 2007

ZZZzzzz... wha?

[Sighs] Why can I never find the happy medium? First, insomnia. Now, I can hardly stay awake. Well, for the last two days anyway.

But I'm bored of whinging about my sleeping habits (hmm, maybe that's what's sending me to sleep? And anyone else who reads this thing, probably. That and recycling the the same formula for three posts). So, what else can I write about?

[Ponders at length]

A-ha! I remember, there actually was something I thought of blogging about. A few weeks ago. Something other than me, for once.

I was in Stafford over Christmas and saw this stupid logo (at bottom of first page) and slogan on the side of a South Staffs Water van. "Your water. Safe in our hands", it said, beside two cupped hands holding some water. Is it just me, or does anyone else instantly picture water trickling through fingers, or money trickling through fingers like water? Two associations I would have thought a company in an industry notorious for leakage, money wasting and money extorting would be keen to avoid. And then there's the phrase "Your water." Surely, that's just taunting their customers? It makes it sound like stolen property.

Well, that was dull. Probably, on reflection, why I didn't blog about it over Christmas. Bugger.

Oh, nearly forgot, I've updated the Random musings post (link included for the hard of scrolling*).

*Not that I'm suggesting that anyone I know** falls into that category. Just being whimsical.
**If there is anyone else reading this, then I probably do mean you. Yes, you. If you couldn't be bothered to comment, I don't think it's unfair to assume you're too lazy to scroll, is it? In which case, why am I pandering to your apathy? Grrr. Lazy hypothetical git! Making me waste precious seconds of my life... [wanders off muttering like Muttley].

Friday, January 05, 2007

[Insert vaguely witty reference to coffee here]

Note to self: In future, consider eating something before consuming vast quantities of coffee*. Whoah, I feel spacy (yet sort of hyper).

Upon further reflection:
Actually, this is quite fun. And I seem to be writing stuff. Not least the few hundred words I scribbled in the Q-bar whilst consuming said quantities of coffee (the idea being that a change of scenery might help with writer's block).

General observation: Hmm, curious: I had an idea that worked. This doesn't usually happen.

Additional note to self: Have more ideas.
Upon further reflection: Or possibly more coffee.
Final conclusion: Actually, it probably was the coffee.

Now, what did I do with that cafetière? Someone better not be making herbal infusions with it again...

*This isn't why I keep getting insomnia, by the way. I usually don't drink much coffee. But, you know, seeing as I'm having trouble sleeping anyway...

Yes, I'm still getting insomnia

Recently, I resorted to over the counter remedies.

Warning found on back of Superdrug, One-A-Night, Sleep Aid tablets:

May cause drowsiness.

My initial reaction: I should bloody hope so.
After further reflection: What do you mean "may"? I paid three quid for these things!

Rest of warning:

If affected do not drive or operate machinery.

Initial reaction: If affected, I'll be going to sleep, thank you very much.
After further reflection: What do you mean "if"?

Final conclusion:
[Sighs] They really don't have much faith in these things, do they?

UPDATE: Well, ok, I suppose there might be a need for the last bit of that warning: look.