Monday, May 07, 2007

My typically in-depth analysis of the French election results


Does anyone else immediately think of some kind of knitted cover for sarcastic comments?

(the pic is linky)


Oh well.

Err, OK, it seems you've just highlighted an empty line...

Hi, I suppose.

Strange empty-line-highlighting type person.

Er, wait, bugger - I can't say that now, can I? Now I've added that invisiblogging tag, empty-line-highlighting probably isn't such a strange thing to do. Well, not unless you hadn't figured out what that meant, of course. In which case, I reiterate: Weirdo.

Erm, anyway, there were other meanderings here earlier. Now there aren't. Although, I suppose, relative to the previous meanderings, these could also be called "other meanderings". But that would just be confusing. And irrelevant, because the other other meanderings don't exist anymore. Which is probably best for all of us. They only complicated things. Not like these meanderings at all.

So, yes, this invisiblogging thing. Basically, I just figure it could be fun. Less so if no-one notices, though; hence the tag, the existence of which rendered those other other meanderings confusing. Hence their removal. And their replacement with these clearly far less confusing meanderings.

Er, right, anyhow:

Watch this space :)

And all the other ones...