Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My life is still quite exciting

Random (though quite regular) bit of self accusation: My laziness knows no bounds.

Puzzling corollary thereof: Which implies it may have been actively testing for some. Perhaps, even, exploring.

Conclusion: There's a contradiction there somewhere.


UPDATE: Ah, of course! Mystery solved. It simply hasn't bothered to move far enough to find any.

Which is a relief - for a second or two, I thought my laziness might actually be more active than I am. My procrastination, on the other hand...

Yes, my life is incredibly exciting

I'm in a (partly cold induced) bad mood. I'm quite enjoying it. I mean, sometimes it's nice just to wallow in a bad mood. Getting in touch with your inner misanthrope is how I like to think of it. The only problem is sooner or later I'm going to have to leave the room, either to get a drink or go to the loo. Or, if I suffer some kind of fit of efficient time management, perhaps both on the same trip*.

Now, I generally have no objection to leaving the room. However, such a manoeuvre always entails the risk of 'people'. They get everywhere, I find. And sometimes I just want to avoid them. I mean, how are you supposed to maintain a mood of idle self-indulgence, when you have to indulge others, by saying 'Hello', or even smiling. Or worse, engaging in conversation. Oh, and most ruinous of all there's the risk of being 'cheered up'. Not even forcibly, sometimes it just happens. Quite unexpectedly, despite all reasonable resistance. Like death. Or, for that matter, life, I suppose.


So, what to do?

Well, I guess, sooner or later, that decision will be taken from me. So, that's some consolation, I suppose - at least I'll be saved decision making :)

Or should that smiley have been the other way up? I can't decide.

[Sighs] It's hard being me**.

*No, not like that. That would be disgusting. Though quite good for the immune system, apparently.

**OK, clearly it's not. But, hey, I did say I was in a bad mood - groundless self-pity's half the fun of it.

UPDATE: Apparently, Patroclus was also feeling moody earlier. Two people probably doesn't count as a meme, does it?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Abandoned burblings

I was writing something for bloc on the theme of escape last night, until 5:30am. It still wasn't any good. I also stepped on a slug, whilst barefooted, for the second night in a row (not the same slug). That wasn't any good either. Yeuch. Anyway, for reasons I can't be bothered to explain, the story (such as it was) ended up containing a couple of burblings that might loosely be described as poetry. So, rather than waste all that effort completely, I'm putting them here:

Burbling No. 1

(Battery not included)
Nonetheless, ouch

Burbling No. 2

Why not be a butler?
(Serving suggestion only)

A buffet of innuendoes

(Serving only suggestions)

A pretty woman, by men

(Served only with suggestion)

What exactly is a butle?

(Just a question)

Right, back to the drawing board. Well, a blank Word Document anyway...


Friday, June 08, 2007

Testing Times (A Sign Thereof)

Just wanted to confirm that, assessments and such at uni having ended for a few months, the near relentless stream of semi-regular drivel that is this blog has now resumed. Until my next bout of chronic laziness and time mismanagement, probably. But still.

As for the photo, a number of these went up around Falmouth about a month ago. No idea exactly what they're being tested for. But I think it's fairly safe to say of this one that, yep, it definitely is a sign*. I'm almost certain of it.

*To be fair, though, I think they figured that out eventually themselves**, seeing as the testing seems to have stopped now.

**Whoever was testing them, not the signs. This isn't LA Story. Believe me. I stood there for nearly an hour*** and it didn't once give me cryptic romantic advice.

***If you round up to the nearest fifty minutes.

Ha ha! Made you look!

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

There's no smoke without a story

There's a pub about a minute from where I live; 30 seconds away, if you could walk directly to it. Almost on my doorstep, really, I suppose. It's been all boarded up since... well, judging by a sign just up the road still inviting any passing time-travellers to watch World Cup 2006 there, probably sometime last summer.

I mention this pub for two reasons, the second of which will become clear. The first is that the place has always amused me. Like I said, it's been all boarded up since before I got here - not amusing in itself - what is amusing, though, is that if you happen to walk past it you'll also see written on a chalkboard outside (just about visible on the photo below, if you click on it) the words "Happy 18th Birthday Ross." I always wanted to take a photo and add the caption: Must have been a hell of a party.

Recently, the pub went up in flames (you can watch a video here). There was a fire engine, of course, plenty of smoke (blowing in the direction of my house), a small crowd - in other words, general noise and conspicuousness. More or less on my doorstep.

Not only was I not first on the scene, pen and reporter's pad in hand, I singularly failed to notice it had even happened. Well, not until a familiar building on the front of a local paper caught my eye a few days later.

So, erm, yep, local journalism. Probably not the ideal career for me...

Which is nice :)