Thursday, March 20, 2008

I suppose I'll have to start actually writing stuff again, at this rate...

I once - in the process of sighing and muttering "Good grief!" - came to an abrupt realisation that much of my adult personality might be directly attributable to having read too much Peanuts as a child. After a moment's reflection, the rest, I decided, could probably be blamed upon Garfield. What the following says about me, then, I dread to think.

By way of Taiga's blogroll, I present to you the wonderfully bleak, Beckettian genius of Garfield Minus Garfield:

It really is much better without him, isn't it?

Oh, and if anyone came here hoping for quirky photos, sorry, no new ones here today, but I'm sure Taiga can oblige again: there's many, many a gem to be found within her Flickr account, quirky and otherwise. And I'd have said that even if she hadn't linked to me the other day :)

Seriously, they're great.

Now, be off with you - I have lasagna to eat. And a kitten to mail to Abu Dhabi...


Jen said...

I saw this the other day. V illuminating.

I wonder what 'Snoopy' would be like with-out the long eared one? And what would it be called? " "

nuttycow said...

Garfield without Garfield makes me sad. Jon looks like a slightly stupid mad man who's in the midst of a breakdown.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

And yet, somehow, talking to a sarcastic cartoon cat made him seem more or less sane... Very weird.

Jen: Erm, wouldn't it still be called Peanuts?

Anyway, I wondered about that, too, but so far it doesn't look like anyone else has. It seems Jim Davis himself once imagined Garfield without Jon, though... which was even more depressing than the other way around.

Taiga the Fox said...

[seriously they are not]

vulpecular thanks, though :})

Occasional Poster of Comments said...


Nice whiskers, Miss Fox :)

Taiga the Fox said...


Thanks :}), I wish I had these petite ears as well.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

[Further disagrees; and let that be an end to it :)]

Wow, those little foxes are cute indeed :) Haven't seen anything that cute since... [tries to think back, but stalls somewhere around December].