Thursday, March 06, 2008

Heads in the cloud

Woolworths, Market Street, Falmouth, 5th March 2008.

Funny what happens when you stand in the middle of a street taking photos of something in the sky. Apparently at least four people had never noticed the faces before. A local couple even stopped and talked with me for a while. They hadn't a clue how the faces got there either, but she used to work in Boots when the pay was 20p per hour and you weren't supposed to work anywhere else. She did, though, she said. I forget how that came up.


MsAnn said...

Lovely - I've always thought people should try to look up more.

Sean McManus said...

Just a comment to say I'm enjoying the new direction of your blog. More photos please!

nuttycow said...

How did you spot them?

Anonymous said...

goodness- is it as dreary there as it looks to be?

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Tara: It was actually quite a nice bright day, if a little cold. Apparently, my camera's Auto settings begged to differ, though - seems to have darkened everything else to compensate for me pointing it at the sky. Probably should have done a little touching up before posting. Or learned how to use the thing. Anyway, hello :)

Nuttycow: I'm incredibly tall :)

Actually, I'm not. Nor can I remember when I spotted them, come to think of it. I've just known they were there for ages now. Never got around to getting the camera out before, though.

Sean: Thanks :) I have one more in reserve (i.e. I've just never got around to posting it - I'm not quite that organised), and there are a few more things I might photograph when I'm next in their vicinity, but after that... erm... Well, maybe something will present itself.

MsAnn: They should. Above the dull modern shopfronts, there are quite a few nice old buildings here in Falmouth - touches of Art Deco, and erm, other stuff that I'm just going to call faded glories for now, because my knowledge of architecture is a bit on the minimal side. Kind of sad really... The building that now reluctantly houses a Julian Graves, for instance, has some faded lettering on one side suggesting that it was formerly The Cafe Royal. Kind of wish it still was. I probably wouldn't go there, but still, I quite like the idea of nice tea, 1920s glamour, and fancy cakes.

patroclus said...

Ooh, this reminds me of the Young Detectives' Handbook I used to have when I was little, in which the no doubt insufferably precocious reader was invited to work out how some graffiti had got itself into a seemingly out of reach high place.

Although it's pretty obvious that these heads were painted by someone (a student at the Art School, no doubt) who had climbed on to the roof of Clarks. I'd never noticed them before, so thanks for that. I'm still learning my way round Falmouth at ground level, then I will start looking up.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

I think I read that book too :) Wasn't there one for spies, as well? I remember something about stairs being less likely to creak if you didn't walk on the middle of them... Seem to remember that I decided I'd prefer to be a dectective, though - sounded less energetic.

Yep, I assumed art students. I'm sort of surprised they've been left there so long, though - were they, perhaps, supposed to be there, or has just no-one noticed them?

MsAnn said...

Claridges it is, then. :)