Thursday, April 19, 2007

Woo hoo!

My Resnick breakdown is over! Erm, done.

Well, one of the two. I'm no longer sure which.

[Sighs] Now I just have to script four of the 32 deathly dull scenes I've come up with before 1pm tomorrow. Oh, and prepare some questions to ask some nice person I'm interviewing at 4:30pm. Then write an Industry Analysis by about 12:45pm Friday. And then there's a samba drumming rehearsal. And the drumming gig at 9pm-ish. And...


Still, people say it's nice to have a full life.

SMALL PRINT: Yeah, yeah, I know... self-inflicted... blah, blah. Never let the truth get in the way of a good whinge, though, that's what I always say.

EVEN SMALLER PRINT: Wait, no I don't. I never say that. Oh well. Never let the truth... No, I'll only want to contradict myself again. And this is the smallest print blogger will do. Which is probably a good thing. I could go on like this for hours. Not that anyone would be able to read it. Or want to. Just like my Resnick scenes, probably. Not that I'll be writing them in small print. But maybe I should. Then no-one would want to read them. And if no-one wanted to read them, I wouldn't have to write them. Woo hoo!

[Sighs] Wait, there was a flaw in that logic, wasn't there? Bugger.


miss-cellany said...

"There is a painful pleasure in the Resnick novels. John Harvey writes them as Resnick's jazz heroes would have played them, with a bitter-sweet melancholy."
Sarah Dunant

Found this critical gem - omit the words 'pleasure' and 'sweet' and I think it's very astute

patroclus said...

Well done OPC. Drumming gig sounds exciting. Next time I'm around I should like to witness this drumming in action - unless it's in the Q Bar, obviously, where I'm not allowed in without a utility bill or equivalent proof of Falmouth residency.

Taiga the Fox said...

Is the snowball totally worn out now?

I've been staring at the Russian loan forms all the day again. They look almost like your even smaller print, except that they're in Russian, which I can't read and I think I can read your even smaller print, so... erm, but anyway, what I meant was that I might be too busy tomorrow and gone for the weekend, so I say it now: Good luck :)

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

P: Ah, yes, that Deconstructed night you spotted in the Guardian. I finally got around to looking that up a week or two ago. I think they were trying to say there would be no guest DJs in March, residents only.

Anyway, it sounded great, so I ended up including Deconstructed in the music section of this Creative Falmouth website/showcase thingy we're doing for Business Writing. And that nice bloke I was interviewing today, he's the one who runs it.

Funny how things go.

Less funny is that I now have a 45 minute interview to condense into a 250 word profile. Ho hum.

Still, it was fun. And I'm getting a couple of CDs out of it :)

So, erm, thanks for that. I think.

Yes, drumming, he says, sounding somewhat baffled. I still find the idea of me in a samba band utterly surreal. It's not right, not right at all.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Resnick, sadly, still isn't dead. I only got three scenes written this morning. And I fear I may decide to re-write two of them [shudders].

On the plus side: Taiga, the snowball's doing fine, thanks (if a little overworked) :) Hope you have a good weekend.

Right, on with the all-nighter.

Duncan Heaney said...

My favourite idea remains Resnick vs the Space Nazis.

The poisoned sandwich was good too.