Sunday, April 08, 2007

Books that didn't quite make the bestseller lists

Part 1, in a continuing series that I shall no doubt promptly forget about and fail to repeat:

Tuesdays With MORI - the uplifting memoirs of a part-time market researcher.


miss-cellany said...

Does the MORI thing still exist in these days of (pretend) you can make money by answering online surveys?

There used to be scary ladies who hovered outside hotels and gave you tea and £ to answer questions. Always wanted to be picked, but never was; probably because I generally just give 'the look' and walk fast when accosted by any stranger with a clip board...

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

MORI still exists, merged with Ipsos, apparently; not that I can get into their website.

I've always wanted to be picked too, but they only ever seem to stop me when I'm late. I spend most of my life being late, admittedly, but anyway.

The one time I did stop I ended up being sent a Great Universal catalogue. Most disappointing.

miss-cellany said...

Ah, now I feel nostalgic... the days of scary ladies with clipboards was also the pre internet shopping era of catalogues.

Seemed everyone knew someone who knew how to get sent lots of stuff and never pay...Never figured out how to do that, and never got stopped by the scary ladies.

You got both in one go (nearly).

Petink said...

You took my love away from me at nights with this damn blogging and now you have me. Slippery slope to world domination; encouraging people to not do much but sit in front of a screen and type. At least now I can give a different viewpoint to the mis-guided adventures of friends in falmouth

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

[Tries to look innocent] Who, me?

I'm sure I said somewhere I'd deny all responsibility if Miss-Cellany got addicted.

Deny, deny, deny.

Didn't work, did it?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you write; that Burns speech was great.

Taiga the Fox said...

Have I seen this before? :)

I'm sure you said somewhere your thoughts, brain, broken bikes and sleep cycle go in circles. I think your whole life starts to repeat itself, doesn't it?

Or is it the life of the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of OPC?

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Ooh, suddenly I seem very spirited :) Which is nice.

Erm, yes, I did wonder if that was someone else, at first.tsrif ta ,esle enoemos saw taht fi rednow did I ,sey ,mrE

.ecin si hcihW (: detirips yrev mees I ylneddus ,hoO

Taiga the Fox said...

Tsrif ta, esle enoemos saw taht fi rednow did I, sey, mrE.

Tnecca hsinapS ni taht yas.
Dnik oot tib saw ti tub oot taht rednow did I.
No, I think I did not do any rednow.
Did uoy sey.
Flesruoy htiw gniugra pots.
Gnicnivnoc tsomla gniyned ruoy edam ecitcarp yawyna.
[Nehctik eht otni sehsinav.]