Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pragmatic job adverts

I like to imagine they unsuccessfully advertised for the careful kind, then lowered their expectations:

Casual Art Handling Technicians

£11.85 per hour - Tate St Ives, Cornwall

Original advert here (well, you never know, there might be someone clumsy enough reading this...).


Fi said...

so why didn't they advertise for ad hoc art handlers as well I wonder? but then I realised that I wasn't really sure what ad hoc actually meant? it doesn't exist according to my online dictionary but I did find this:

The Advanced Developers Hands On Conference
http://www.adhocconference.com/ which took me to this link
which is why blogging is such a nightmare as you end up all over the bloody shop!

however, reading yours is always a sheer delight. and thanks for posting an occasional comment - although it is what you do, it is very much appreciated.


Occasional Poster of Comments said...

And one of your recent posts just reminded me I'd been meaning to post a certain Jane Siberry song on here for a while now... cue Googling expedition and going to bed even later...

Still, I didn't know I could do that thing with the embeddable music player before. And thanks for the nice comment :)