Sunday, April 13, 2008

Self portrait in blue

The sea, Falmouth Harbour, by Events Square, 3/4/08.

Actually, I wasn't at all Disappointed In The Sun that day, but that was the song that sprang to mind while looking down at an underwater shadow self. Seemed like it would have been the perfect accompaniment:

Under the sea is where I'll be
No talking 'bout the rain no more
I wonder what thunder will mean, when only in my dream
The lightning comes before the roar

The song (that's a download up there, by the way) is by a Belgian band called dEUS, from their deeply odd and deeply wonderful second album, In a Bar Under the Sea (utterly, utterly recommended - if nothing else, try Little Arithmetics. As are the more accessible first album, Worst Case Scenario, and the near perfect The Ideal Crash). Oh, and here's their MySpace, too.


Taiga the Fox said...

What a beautiful photo! That looks more like ice on the window to me, though, than water, but I just love that shade of the blue...

[I'll listen to the tracks later, when I find out where the bloody time has escaped again.]

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Thanks, Taiga :) It was staring at that lovely blue colour that made me actually notice how my shadow had fallen, and the strips of different shades.

Ice on a window? Hmm... Yep, it does, doesn't it? I like the way you see things :)