Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Warming up

I appear to have injured my throat. By eating.

Unless there's some other explanation for why it rather suddenly began to hurt to swallow just as I came to the end of my evening meal tonight. I can't think of one. I was eating salad - not a very big one; there wasn't even anything sharp or spiky in it. And besides, it's not that kind of pain. Which all leaves me with just the one conclusion: in future, I shall have to warm up before eating.


Anyway, the apparent unfitness of my gullet wasn't really what I came here to blog about. I was actually thinking of trying to witter on about something writerly. You know, seeing as I threatened a week or two ago that this might yet turn into a writer's blog.

If any writerly types out there were waiting for that, incidentally, well done, you've been practising a valuable skill - writing seems to involve an awful lot of waiting (waiting for inspiration, waiting to hear whether people want your work, waiting for your benefits claims to be processed). All of which, I suppose, is only fitting, given the similarity between the two words - all too easily confused. In which case, maybe I could solve all our problems by thinking up a new word to replace 'writing'...

Of course. We could call it procrastinating.

Which would be great. For one, it would eliminate all these kinds of conversations:

"Are you writing, or procrastinating?"

And wouldn't this be a great aphorism?

Writing is 1% inspiration, 99% procrastination.

Wait. No, it wouldn't. In my new scheme of things that aphorism would end up being:

Procrastinating is 1% inspiration, 99% procrastination.

Which makes no sense whatsoever. Shame. (Or possibly makes perfect sense. But that might just be me).

Oh well. On the bright side, at least I've fulfilled my intention of wittering on about writing for a while. So, then, time for a bit of good, solid procrastinating, I think.

Who says blogging's not a good warm up exercise?

Well, not for eating, though, probably.


miss-cellany said...

Food warm up = soup?

You could also combine this with a hefty sprinkling of procrastination. After all, there are so many flavours and variety of soup, and there is always the possibility of making your own...

Jen said...

I keep meaning to leave a comment on your blog but then I never get round to it.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Latest thought on the matter:

Writing = applied procrastination?

Anyway, soup. I wondered about that, M-C, but couldn't decide whether it invovled an appreciably less energetic version of swallowing... Although that would explain why it's usually found on the Starters menu. Either that or widespread misunderstanding of how spoons work.