Monday, October 29, 2007

Hmm... What?

I seem to have become very easily distracted lately. I'd like to think that this is because my mind is constantly assailing me with so many brilliant ideas at any given moment that to concentrate on even one of them and follow it to its inevitable brilliant conclusion is almost physically impossible, but, sadly, I'm not a monumentally arrogant arsehole. Not 'sadly' for everyone else, obviously; I, though, would quite like to have a self-image like that - unlike people with that kind of self image, it must be very nice. To be that self-confident, I mean. Anyway, I seem to have distracted myself again. Thank goodness, then, for that first sentence to remind me what I'm doing - on this occasion, at least, I won't be realising in three hours time that I've apparently forgotten to wash my hair. Again (don't ask). Anyway, being distracted.

As far as this distraction thing goes, it's fair to say that I really don't help myself: I just added a Google Reader widget to my iGoogle homepage. Now, each and every time I go there for some link or other, I shall instead find myself refreshing the reader box and only remembering what I wanted to look at some time later, most likely after a long and convoluted chain of other links and articles has led me to a story about the deputy mayor of Delhi being killed by monkeys, or some such other common everyday occurence (erm, not because I'm often to be found speculatively googling for recent cases of Asian dignitaries being mauled by apes, but because the article might contain some random word that jogs my memory - for instance: "Ah! Peanuts! Of course - I was going to read today's Peanuts strip. Bloody monkeys." Sadly, that's how my mind works. Or doesn't).

It's not even as if my brain needs outside assistance to get distracted - it's already capable of forgetting what it loaded google for within the space of a mouse click. So why I decided signing up to Google Reader would simplify my life I have no idea. I was probably distracted.

Anyway, I'm sure there was something I was supposed to be doing...

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