Thursday, October 19, 2006

About as far off the ground as a Japanese table

And answer my own questions, evidently. Well they are my questions, I suppose, so that probably makes sense. Or it would do if there was more than one of them. Um...

Ok, I admit it - I can't think what to write about. Maybe I should just wander over to my other blog. I know what I'm doing there. Sort of. Talking of Not 4'33", I found out today that apparently the odd person from the course has read it now. Which is perhaps an unfair way to describe Duncan, especially as he was quite complimentary. Sorry. Cheap joke. But what other kind of joke do you have a right to expect from something that's free? Probably best make some kind of comment at my own expense now, just to show I wasn't being serious; you know, balance things up:

What's with the beard? Come on now, seriously. Do you think it lends you gravitas, or something? It doesn't. You're too short to have gravitas.

There. I charged myself 10p for that one. Cheap, but sadly not much of a joke. Still, at least the proceeds go to me. God, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here... Maybe I should do this again when I'm in a state more closely resembling "awake".

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