Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What it has to do with hummus...

That's what I'm going to call my new blog. Then I'm going to take a random subject and explain how it's relevant to hummus - every day. Except on the days where, instead, I explain how hummus is relevant to random subjects - which I'll probably call Mondays, because someone has to find a use for the dreadful things.

You see that's where I've been going wrong here, you need a worldview, something through which to filter everything, an overarching concern to which you can relate it all. Then writing blog posts becomes almost as easy as not writing them, which is almost the easiest thing in the world.

Other bloggers simply take some random phenomenon, ask what it has to do with philosophy / sociology / psychology / communication / the continuing evolution of human (mass) consciousness / or whatever other tantalising niche or abstraction they've chosen for themselves, and - bang! - blog post written. Sometimes they're even experts on these things, which hardly seems fair.

(Such appalling laziness, and yet I'd never thought of it. It hardly seems likely...)

So that's why, from now on, everything I read and write will be filtered through hummus:

a) Because I'm lazy.

b) Because it's tastier.

c) Because "everything I read and write will now be filtered through hummus" is a fun sentence to write.

d) Because there are fewer flavours of tzatziki.

And, more than anything, because:

e) God help me, but I've just never got the hang of taramasalata. Imagine! It'd be a bloody disaster!

Secret hidden link to non-secret, non-hidden website. (Even I'm not sure whether I'm joking now).


Tim Footman said...

What has hummus to do with hummus?

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Everything. But also nothing. Same as anything else really.

[I'm not getting caught in that feedback loop, even if it might be quite tasty :)]