Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing to see here

The text below has been centrally aligned, which I believe is the standard warning that poetry may follow. Should you prefer watching crabs fight over a doomed sandcastle to a synthy post-rock soundtrack, click here.


When is and was
(and in and)
went to see
and saw
that is was was and when was who
they stopped, these two, and swore -

Bugger they said
This is confusing

In a land of is and was and this
of who and which and when
where was is is and who is where
and when will all this end

here and now
is all we have
and if that doesn't seem like much
go and in and
and I to I
(and such and such and such) -

(it'll be no less confusing

but ands are nice:

two touch

____(and touch

_________and touch,

Seriously. What are you still doing here? You could be watching seagulls being complete bastards, and crabs that seem to have been filled with ink for some reason...* You're a fool unto yourself, I tell you. A fool unto yourself.

(Anyway, sorry, the above was a bad E. E. Cummings rip-off - I've been reading his poems on and off all day - they're bloody marvellous - and apparently I just couldn't help myself. As for the video, I'm mildly baffled by it, and it's not nearly their best song - this might be - but there's a line or two that sort of fit in with the above, so I guess the link stays).

*or is this usual?


Sopwith-Camel said...

Masterful, loved it. Grab those fuckers by the scruff of their necks and spank them until they yelp and squeal. (The words, I am talking about, not the poets).

I am going to be founding an institute in Second Life for Perverted Poetry, and will send you the invite as soon as I have got the land and built the garden, (which will be called The Perverted Garden, by the way).

Anonymous said...

What am I doing still here? Curiosity! But it did, supposedly, kill the cat!!

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

So far I've avoided Second Life (one's enough bother), but might well give the garden a gander, should it spring soon - a garden perverted: danger? the Garden of Need?

But enough of being anagrammatical (whoever she is): thanks ...I think :) If perversion was intended, mind, it was only in the use of language (on the other hand, goodness knows what's going on in those first 12 lines; I certainly don't - mostly I was just splashing around in the see-waves of was and who and which and when with the vague expectation that a few more lines might drag me to sure (and hopefully without too many painful barbs)).

[Good grief, I really must stop this]

sheela said...

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