Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random ponderance

If prose flows
Shouldn't a poem

News from the world of copywriting:

In March, I made up a quote for someone as part of an article (I was asked to; he was important and didn't have time to make up quotes of his own). I wondered if it had been a good quote. Today, I was reading background materials for another article I've been asked to write, and there he was again, not saying exactly the same thing.

How many times has he not said this, I wondered? Probably every day of his life, and yet to my knowledge it has only been reported twice. I was comforted; I can stop worrying. He's evidently not as important as I thought.

Walking news:

When overtaking a line of elderly people walking slowly with sticks you don't expect one of them to blindly attempt an overtaking maneuvre of her own just as you draw level - or at all, quite frankly (apart from the blind part, possibly). That very nearly ended in disaster.

But tell me, which of us was the fool to be in such a hurry?

(Yes, her. Obviously. This isn't an American sitcom with a neat moral at the end).

No old people were hurt in the making of this blog post. Just mildly startled.

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