Monday, February 11, 2008

Hopelessly unsociable

The other day I came home to find the living room full of people. It's quite a small living room (a barely-alive room?) so that doesn't really take much. Anyway, S., E., possibly M., C.*, and someone whose name I forget but appears to be C.'s new boyfriend were all in there chatting. She introduced me to the new bloke, and I think I at least said, Hello, or words to that effect. Erm, I think I might have been expected to sit and be sociable, though.

But what went through my head was: "Hmph. I was really looking forward to putting some music on, lying down, and having a nice quiet read. And now there are people. Bloody people. They get everywhere. Hmm. Of course, if my room wasn't at the back of the living room, I'd just go straight there... So if I just continue straight on through right now I'm not really being unsociable, am I, I'm just refusing to accept an accident of geography. Yes. That makes sense." So I did. And throroughly enjoyed my nice quiet-ish read.

Later, though, I felt a little bit guilty. Sort of.


Earlier today, I was doing some washing up. Somewhere amidst the boredom, I got to wondering whether I should maybe apologise. I hadn't really seen C. since, though, so wasn't too sure if there was any need. Still, probably wouldn't hurt, I decided. I mean, I'm not usually quite as unsociable as that, am I? I just spend quite a lot of time in my room. When I'm not out. Yes, I should probably apologise. At which point I heard myself thinking:

"Ah. I wish I knew her e-mail address. A quick e-mail, that would probably be the best thing."

Apologising. To a housemate. For being unsociable. Via e-mail.

Suddenly, the image of someone trying to hide the Great Wall of China with a dustsheet came to mind.

After that, the whole idea just seemed a bit redundant, really...


I probably won't bother.

*my housemates, in other words.

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